Acceptable Use Policy:

All services provided by ForestRacks may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data, or material in violation of any United States Federal, State, or City law is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to copyrighted material, material ForestRacks judge to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secret and other statutes. The subscriber agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ForestRacks and its employees from any claims resulting from the use of the service which damages the subscriber or any other party. ForestRacks' acceptable use policy is actively and strictly enforced. Offending content or users are suspended from the ForestRacks network, usually as soon as they are discovered and ForestRacks may do so without notice. Communicating, transmitting, sending, creating, or forwarding offers for marketing, any adult content, online gambling, “Make-Money Fast”, "Multi-level marketing", “Pyramid” or “Ponzi” or similar are prohibited on all ForestRacks servers without prior written permission from ForestRacks. This includes sites that include sexually explicit or hardcore images or advertising.

Subscriber acknowledges that the service provided is of such a nature that service can be interrupted for many reasons other than the negligence of the company and that damages resulting from any interruption of service are difficult to ascertain. Therefore, the subscriber agrees that the company shall not be liable for any damages arising from such causes beyond the direct and exclusive control of the company.

Subscriber further acknowledges that the company's liability for its negligence may not, in any event, exceed an amount equivalent to charges payable by the subscriber for services during the period damages occurred. In no event shall the company be liable for any special or consequential damages, loss, or injury.

ForestRacks prohibits the creation of multiple billing accounts, unless otherwise stated or agreed in writing.

ForestRacks prohibits anything including but not limited to botting, spam email and denial of service attacks, leaking personal information, phishing, unauthorized distribution or copying of copyrighted software or other data, harassment, fraud, and trafficking in obscene material. ForestRacks may prohibit other types of undesirable content on the ForestRacks network, so contact ForestRacks if you have questions about hosting a specific type of content. The content relating to Hacking, Cracking, and Nulling, is not allowed. Software, audio, and video downloads may only be hosted if you are the writer and copyright owner of the resources or you have a right to distribute the materials. Accounts suspended due to content or AUP violation are not refunded under any circumstances.